AP-AD-2020: Advertise your Project Management Role Here
  • John Thorpe
  • 01 May 2020
  • Location:
    United Kingdom - Your Location
  • Sector:
    Recruitment and HR
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  • Offering:
    Your salary or day rate offer
  • Company Name:
    Branded Advertising - Your Company Name
Job Description:
Use the power of the Arras People presence in the Project Management domain to attract candidates to your open roles. We recognise that some organisations wish to advertise and manage their own recruitment process and offer a competitive package of advertising to help you achieve this. Your opportunity is to advertise your open role(s) to the Arras People Talent Pool.

Ask any advertiser what they want when buying space and they will tell you “a focussed audience”. Well, that’s the deal when you advertise your roles on the Arras People web site; our audience is focussed on the field of programme and project management and some of them are also looking for a new job.

Other advertisers may say they can offer you access to 120 Million candidates, but SO WHAT!. Are there really that many candidates suitable for your role or have they just collected that many cv's? In fact we would go one step further and suggest that you are just being asked to search for that needle in a haystack. An advert with Arras People allows you to direct candidates to your web site where you can tell them more about your roles and initiate the recruitment process.

Targetted advertising to Programme and Project Management practitioners is what we offer and all at a competitive rate.


At Arras People we deal with Project Management practitioners at all levels and in many different roles across many different sectors;

  • Change Management
  • Entry Level Roles
  • Portfolio Management
  • Programme / Project Consultancy
  • Programme / Project Office Management
  • Programme / Project Planning
  • Programme / Project Support
  • Programme Management
  • Project Management
Person Specification:
At Arras People we deal with Project Management practitioners from entry level through to the most experienced with a track record of delivering large programmes of work. We have practitioners who are used to working with structured methods such as Prince or a host of other such processes. Qualified candidates come in all levels from Introductory certificates through to Registered project Professionals. So whatever you need, we probably know one or know someone who does.

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